Grantham Journal Column: To dismiss Stephen Hawking as a liar is shocking

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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During my long and varied lifetime, I thought I had witnessed the worst kinds of mental and physical abuse inflicted. But the recent extra suffering Stephen Hawking has had to endure is beyond my comprehension.

He is one of the greatest minds we have ever produced, and he deserves more respect for his courage and determination in adversity than to be dismissed as a liar. I don’t have to name the perpetrators, because we all know who they are, and why they did it.

Surely everyone in their heart of hearts would sympathise with someone who has overcome such difficulties to become one of the world’s greatest scientists.

However, it cannot be denied that he has been a victim of the NHS cuts. The verbal attack on him and NHS austerity amounts to abuse, and we know that as well as anybody, in view of what could be the bleakest of futures for health services in our areas.

For instance, is it not abuse for emergency accident victims to be forced to travel 30 miles or so, more than necessary for vital hospital treatment, which could be done at Grantham if A & E were open 24 hours a day?

Can our clinical commissioning ‘clowns’ justify sending patients similar distances for routine operations and appointments, simply because the health powers-that-be wish to run the hospital down, until it becomes little more than a cottage clinic?

I don’t even have to answer these questions, as we all know they are a further form of abuse. Obviously the health trust and its minions would not agree, but we have ceased to believe their statements anyway.

All I can say is to keep up the protests and boot – sorry, vote – them out, as soon as possible, and start all over again.