Grantham Journal column: Two greatest issues are traffic and housing

UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate for Grantham and Stamford Marietta King.
UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate for Grantham and Stamford Marietta King.
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Traffic and housing are probably the two biggest issues facing Grantham over the next decade.

I am sure many of us, while stuck in one of Grantham’s frequent traffic jams, would shudder at the prospect of an extra 10,000 people at the end of London Road, some 8,000 on Barrowby Road/North Parade, and now a further 1,500 on Manthorpe Road.

With aims to build 7,000+ homes, bringing 20,000+ more people to Grantham, it is vital that the council have clearly defined infrastructure plans in place in addition to housing. We know the town needs more homes, but 7,000 could create gridlock within our streets.

The A52 bypass was supposed to relieve traffic but now SKDC appear to be using it to allow these mass developments instead of relieving the town of traffic. With 20,000 more people (together with a possible 10,000+ cars and supporting commercial vehicles), this bypass will surely not solve the town’s problems; the developments will almost certainly make it worse.

As a matter of concern, I am informed that much of the Grantham Growth Point plans are obsolete and have been surpassed by events and SKDC alterations. Apart from the housing developments, we don’t appear to have any clearly defined path for the restructuring of Grantham.

Given this, the Southern Quadrant should be put on hold, possibly permanently.

These developments will change our town forever. The historic town of Grantham will be lost. It is of such importance that the council must go to the people in a local referendum. Fully detailed plans must be drawn up and put to the people. If the desire is not there for the Southern Quadrant then it will be scrapped, similarly other such developments.

If the current councillors are unwilling to give you this choice, then next May elect UKIP to the council. They will insist, as part of their manifesto commitment, to hold referendums on such important matters. This is your town and you will have a say!

SKDC set off on this rollercoaster ride to much fanfare but did they forget the most important passengers? You! The People of Grantham.