Grantham Journal column: Unfair to sick people

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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I notice that another unwarranted attack has been made on the elderly and infirm by the Coalition Government and its NHS privatisation cronies.

Hot on the heels of the still persisting allegations that most of the current problems facing the health service are due to an ageing population comes another spurious inference. This time it is even more unfair on sick and disabled people who dutifully follow doctors’ orders.

They are being criticised for taking prescribed drugs on a daily basis, drugs that are expensive, but without which their physicians insist they would die. Yet the critics, who only seem to care about the real curse of the NHS – money – say this ‘necessary evil’ cannot be afforded in the present financial climate.

Apart from breaking every oath in the medical book and allowing patients to die, the anti-repeat prescription lobby seem to have no other adequate solution.

Have they even thought of highlighting the real culprits? No, not the bankers! But the equally greedy drug 
companies, who have been ripping us off for their own gain for years.

There are even suggestions that actual cures, not just treatments, for some of the worst diseases do exist, but have been hidden to protect profits.

This is not entirely the ranting of an old and disillusioned hack. It comes from personal experience, as I did once discover a similar situation whereby a major group concealed having a relatively cheap form of solar panel for years, when the rest of the world believed it was totally uneconomical.

Of course Government cuts and lack of proper funding for the ‘ring-fenced’ NHS must also shoulder a lot of the blame, but as the eventual ‘amazing’ eruption and success of solar cells proved, maybe one day miraculous cures for major killers such as cancer, heart disease and the like will be revealed.