Grantham Journal column: What’s the purpose of education?

Jaz Abeysekera
Jaz Abeysekera
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Education has always been and always will be a priority at the start of every person’s life. It drives our economy, it lays the foundations to your future and is the direct path to your career.

Education is the one thing that everyone has in common yet everybody’s journey is completely different.

So, what should the purpose of education be?

The general purpose of education is to transfer knowledge and to prepare young people to participate in society.

Education has always been so focused on preparing people for their future working lives, but perhaps some of the focus should be shifted more towards everyday life; teaching people skills that are valuable outside of work and focussing on social and cultural development.

Education should guide and allow young people to develop critical thinking, their passions, and build their own views and opinions all while learning new skills in life and while preparing them for the workforce.

Without a good education system in place, the economy and future generations would rapidly decline.

Education should prepare people for adult life, work and citizenship.

Everyone has a responsibility to educate the next 
generation and to encourage them to have a keen eye for learning.

Being curious to learn and wanting to know more about the world will in turn teach valuable life lessons and provide you with a wealth of knowledge.

Instilling both academic and characteristic traits throughout a person’s time in education will give them the best possible start in life 
both in the work place and socially.

All in all, the purpose of education is far broader than teaching someone the skills and knowledge they need to secure a place at University or find their first job.

The purpose of education is to empower people to participate in culture, succeed in the economy and to leave school prepared for adult life.

In order to give people the best opportunity to achieve a good level of education, we must ensure the highest standards of education, regardless of a person’s 
background so that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.