Grantham Journal column: When enough is enough

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Well, that’s it! I thought I would never hear the like of it, but now I have and enough is enough.

Ban the Lord’s Prayer indeed! Ban reading the marriage banns! You might as well ban the Church of England itself.

Better still, you could go the whole hog and do away with, “God Save the Queen’, ‘Last Night of the Proms’, ‘Armistice Day’, war memorial services, remove the ‘Great’ from ‘Britain’ and destroy all the other traditions we hold so dear.

After all there might be some extremist politically correct bigot lurking in a remote part of the world who is offended by one or all of them.

Alternatively we could call on every “True Brit’ TV controller to show the 2015 C of E Christmas promotional video, not just as an advertisement, but a good news item. Cut out the “Devil’s advocate agency completely.

While they’re at it, let’s have a repeat showing of the world’s most popular prayer, sung by former jazz queen Mahalia Jackson in the hit film ‘Jazz on a Summer’s Day”.

On the other hand, if the agency doesn’t accept adverts with religious content, just about every piece of Christmas paid-for publicity should also be rejected.

Yuletide has become so commercialised nowadays, that to do anything else would be sheer hypocrisy.

So before we enter the glitter bug realm of famous pop stars making money from carol singing records for their own profit or for charity, let me give you a different take on an over-used modern canine cliché and be done with it!

Don’t forget that the Lord’s Prayer is not just for Christmas or even simply on Sunday, but every day of the year! After all we do still live in a country where Christianity is the national religion, don’t we?