Grantham Journal column: Where are the protests?

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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How can otherwise highly intelligent people allow their traditionally benevolent community to be dismantled piece by piece in what amounts to a form of nonfatal genocide, if that is possible.

Most of our vitally important manufacturing base was sold out to the Americans and others during the 1980s and 1990s.

Now, along with the rest of it, notably steel, other cornerstones of English life appear to be under serious threat of deliberate destruction.

The whole of our utilities and necessary services involving water and energy are already in foreign hands, along with future nuclear development.

A generous welfare system is being savagely torn apart under the false premise that the country cannot afford it.

Yet we continue to donate £billions to other countries, many of whom seem to have even more money and fat cats than we do.

All this and I don’t really need to mention the fact that our own over-wealthy citizens and so-called ‘non-doms’ keep having their taxes reduced.

The whole of the above is already bad for those unfortunate enough to have slipped through the compassion net due to no fault of their own.

But now we are also witnessing the gradual but relentless dismantling of the most envied national health system in the world under the austerity scam.

Doctors and nurses, once rightly revered by everyone as beyond reproach for their dedicated efforts on our behalf, are now being wrongly portrayed as troublemakers to the extent of being forced to leave the country.

The best legal system on the globe is being eroded by cutting police numbers and human rights.

New surveillance laws look like Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ measures to me and the list of anti-democratic concerns could go on indefinitely if necessary.

But what is more worrying is where are the honest and intelligent protests about the situation? Already suppressed by threats of retribution I suspect.