Grantham Journal column: Where has all the glamour gone in our town?

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Where has all the glamour gone in Grantham nowadays? That’s my big question this week.

I don’t mean the absolute plethora of attractive girls from all over the globe who grace our modern local community.

It’s the outright beauty queen goddesses who appear to have been driven underground by the increasing curse of feminism.

In another life I recall interviewing Miss Universe in a back room at the former Tesco store on St Peter’s Hill. The piles of cardboard boxes and other stock did nothing to lessen the effects of her beauty, I can tell you.

Or the promotional day I spent with Miss ITV, who was not only lovely enough to take that title, but also one of the most intelligent people I ever met.

Mind you, my wife was not actually enamoured with the picture of us looking into each other’s eyes over lunch, like a pair of young lovers. Simply a case of rapt journalistic interest, I assured her. She didn’t believe that either.

I also remember accompanying a local girl on a quest for the Miss Anglia TV title. She was only runner-up on that occasion, but took my advice and won the prestigious contest the following year.

A long session in “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning” film star Shirley Anne Field’s dressing room, in the journalistic cause naturally, and subsequent story earned me a job offer from a top impresario, but sadly that was turned down without my knowledge by my then editor.

Yes! Those were the days my friends but now, thanks in no small part to political correctness or bigotry, it’s a different story.

Beauty contests and the many girls who would love to take part in them have mostly, if not entirely, vanished in the Grantham district along with so many other cherished and relatively harmless traditions.

Humbug! What a shame, I say!