Grantham Journal columnist: Alison Robson

Alison Robson.
Alison Robson.
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We have seen quite a bit of snow in the past week or so, but we must remember it isn’t all fun and games.

There are vulnerable people living amongst our community and we must make sure that they are safe and well.

I’d urge people to check on their vulnerable neighbours during the cold weather as unfortunately it poses a significant risk to people’s health.

Just popping round to make sure they are OK could save a life.

It makes me glad that things such as Cold Weather Payments are in place to help some of the more vulnerable members of the community make sure their houses are warm during the winter.

While some might argue that everyone should be entitled to help with heating their home especially given the recent hike in energy prices, I feel we should be trying to help those most at risk of becoming ill because they cannot afford to heat their home.

I’d also like to point out that people need to take extra care when driving in the snow and ice.

People forget that stopping distance is significantly more in icy conditions, so slamming your brakes on at the last minute really isn’t a good idea.

It’s important to maintain the safety of everyone on the roads and not to risk driving if you don’t need to.

Snow doesn’t have to be dangerous, though. It is just important to remember to be safe and wrap up warm when we are enjoying activities such as harmless snowball fights or sledging with family and friends.

However, I am certainly glad that we only get snow for a short period of the year!

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