Grantham Journal columnist: Alison Robson

Alison Robson.
Alison Robson.
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The Journal reported last week that the Charles Read Academy would be closing and the pupils and staff would be moving to St Hugh’s.

Why are they being moved from a school with 38 per cent pass rate to a school with a 39 per cent pass rate? It can’t be due to poor performance; 1 per cent is not that much of a difference!

Additionally, I feel that moving pupils to a different school would impact on their educations negatively. Not only will they have to suffer the experience of settling into a new school, they may well have to travel further in order to get there. An extension of an already tiresome day for many children will surely be a negative thing.

If the government is changing the way it allocates funding, then perhaps the West Grantham Academies Trust should look at using its funding more efficiently rather than angering parents and pupils by forcing them into a move to a school they don’t want to move to. You only have to look at the outraged comments online to realise that it is not what people want.

And furthermore, wouldn’t the addition of 240 children in a school that already isn’t really doing well by Government standards only decrease their chances of a good education? Surely it would put pressure on the resources they already have, possibly result in larger class sizes and put stress on teachers that really do not need to be under any more pressure?

I hope the West Grantham Academies Trust listen to parents, pupils and staff and reconsider their decision to close the school.

* Do you agree with Alison’s points? Should Charles Read Academy remain open? Or do you believe the best option for pupils is to close the Corby Glen school and move them to St Hugh’s in Grantham? Write in to us or e-mail: