Grantham Journal columnist: Conservative MP Nick Boles

Nick Boles Grantham MP
Nick Boles Grantham MP
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This week, education ministers announced that Charles Read Academy will stay open and be transferred from the West Grantham Academies Trust to another group of schools, the DavidRoss Educational Trust.

This is one of the strongest academy chains in the country. They already run schools in Lincolnshire and they believe that small, rural schools can thrive.

I am confident that they will be totally committed to Charles Read - and will not be looking to pull the rug out from under its feet, when our backs are turned.

I want to pay tribute to the parents and Corby Glen residents who campaigned so passionately to keep their school. And to Councillor Martin Hill, the leader of the county council, who produced vital evidence of the prospect of growing demand for school places in the Grantham area.

People are sometimes cynical about public consultations because they rarely seem to make any difference to the decisions that are made. I hope they will therefore take some heart from what has happened this time.

The Government asked people to present their views and provide evidence of what will be needed in future years. Parents, residents and local councillors responded fully.

As your Member of Parliament, I kept in close contact with David Ross and took advantage of the fact that I am also a minister in the Government to lobby my fellow ministers at every stage in the process.

Together, we have secured a good result for local children - and for the community of Corby Glen.

I think we can all be quite proud of what we have achieved.