Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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It is good to see the popular Wyndham Park paddling pool finally getting a much needed renovation.

With five options to choose from, locals had their chance this past weekend to have their say on the future of the pool.

We’ve been hearing of a potential makeover for a few years now and seeing it slowly but steadily advance to this stage shows what a clear and concise vision can do for development. This clarity in dealing with the public is much appreciated and needs to continue with other projects around Grantham.

There have been a lot of public consultations that seem to have slipped by local residents stretching from smaller scale topics such as traffic solutions on Harrowby Road, which drew complaints for a lack of information back in September, to massive overhauls such as the Southern Quadrant development.

It is incredibly important that the public is kept informed of these issues as well as where they can go and voice their concerns to the people behind the projects. This paddling pool development seems to be going the right way about it.

I hope that the plans for renovation stand up to criticism and action starts soon. The idea is that by next summer we will have an updated area for parents to take their youngsters while more plans are created for the promised further improvements.

If we are lucky these future improvements will follow the same path of clarity and public involvement that the paddling pool has.

l Did you see the plans? What did you think to the designs? Some feature a paddling area, others have water features instead - which do you think would be best? E-mail: