Grantham Journal columnist: Labour leader Charmaine Morgan

Charmaine Morgan - Labour
Charmaine Morgan - Labour
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In the Journal last week Nick Bole’s was patting Conservatives on the back for finally getting funding to complete the Grantham bypass.

He failed to mention that the Labour-controlled East Midlands Council prioritised the project, lobbied ministers and backed the call for funding for the project in support of the county council.

The DVLA insisted that Grantham became a Growth Point before funding would be given. So the cut in HGV traffic will result in a significant increase in new houses.

It is estimated that as many as 12,000 new cars will hit our roads when new residents move in. Any air quality benefits will be negated by the new cars. LCC highways officers are already considering the impact this will have on the neighbouring communities.

To support the road development, a large roundabout in close proximity to the residents of Cheveley Park will be installed and a flyover will transverse the River Witham and railway, large concrete footings being embedded in one of our most important wildlife areas and near the water table.

Given the wider picture, only time will tell if the new road will be something to celebrate.

What we do know is that the High Court has ruled in support of those of us who have campaigned to save our library services. In advance of the ruling, Grantham Library had its library opening hours cut by Lincolnshire County Council. We lost more than 90 hours access time for computer users.

As a member of the LCC scrutiny committee which challenged the proposals, I am deeply concerned that by ignoring its own scrutiny committee the Cabinet members wasted public money.

LCC is already considering the use of external suppliers. And the Conservative Government already has a policy of selling off our public buildings. The battle is far from being over.

With this in mind the battle to save our libraries is far from over.