Grantham Journal columnist: Now the air is clear move skatepark forward, says Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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It is good to see the tense situation that was the state of Grantham Skatepark is slowly getting resolved.

With accusations being thrown from several sides it was hard to see any real resolution in the near future. I believe that both the young children and their parents, as well as the older teens, have fair points to their arguments. The skatepark should be available to all but if scooters are damaging the equipment and have now apparently contributed to the park’s closure it is fair to give some thought to their use.

On the other hand there is never any need to level the kind of abuse at people that the children received recently. Therefore it was important that the meeting held between the two sides and official cleared the air and set forward a plan for the future.

Ultimately that is what occurred. We now have seen a truce of sorts thrown together with parents, park users and other volunteers working as a team to ensure that all can enjoy the park.

The decision to build a new concrete skatepark is the perfect solution combat the underlying problems with the wooden one. That is, with tougher equipment, scooters will be able to ride without negatively affecting the half pipe and avoid creating more arguments down the road. From there we should see a much friendlier area for every would-be user.

The passion of the users today has helped create a future for the park as has the commitment from the likes of Pc Steve Cummings. We can only hope that directing these passions down a new avenue helps to dissuade any more confrontations.