Grantham Journal columnist: ‘There are too many irresponsible pet owners’

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Columnist Alison Robson writes:

I was appalled to read about unwanted cats and kittens being dumped in holdalls in last week’s Journal.

In my opinion, there are far too many irresponsible pet owners and something needs to be done about it. Too few pet owners realise how important neutering or spaying is, not least from a health perspective. They also require vaccinations and check-ups which can really add up. I can’t help but feel that people get a pet when it’s young because “it looks cute” but do not realise how much hard work they will be.

They are animals, yes, but they need love, care and attention just like anyone else. When you get a pet, you have a duty to protect it and make sure it’s healthy. They need exercise and the right diet; in a way, they’re just like children - completely dependent on you to provide it with what it needs to survive. You wouldn’t leave a child without essential vaccinations to protect them from potential illnesses and you would take them to the doctors when they’re ill - why should it be any different for animals? You have a duty of care and responsibility.

Did you know that the RSPCA has hundreds of animals awaiting new homes? I’d urge people to consider adopting from organisations like Grantham ROCK and the RSPCA. In a perfect world, animals would only need to be rehomed in extreme circumstances - not just because the previous owner got bored or was irresponsible. It is such a shame because animals have a lot of love to give if you return the favour.