Grantham’s CCTV is a waste of our cash

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Can I thank Jill Hopkinson for her kind words in the Grantham Journal, and Kate Manley on Facebook – as well as others. As you can see I have my column.

Now, why is the quality of the CCTV pictures published in the Journal – usually asking for our help in recognising someone – have the quality of one taken by a Box Brownie in a thick fog?

Who authorised the purchase of such poor quality CCTV? Quite frankly it is a complete waste of electricity. Was it bought on eBay or did the salesman just see the Lincolnshire Police and SKDC coming?

I appreciate that CSI and Spooks are fictional programmes, and we can’t get the picture quality shown during those stories, but surely the CCTV system should produce images in which you can identify that a blurred figure is actually human. Can anyone from the Police or SKDC actually counter what I say here and defend the system as fit for purpose? Surely it needs upgrading, fast?

And can someone also explain why petrol at the Jet station on the A1 is 5p a litre more than the same product at the Jet station on Manthorpe Road? I would have thought delivery to the A1 would have been easier and quicker than battling into town. They are both just petrol stations, not motorway services like Gonerby Moor where the argument is always that they have to charge more as they have to maintain the facility.

And I wonder why it has taken the power of the Grantham Journal and all this time to get landlords at the Sankt Augustin Retail Park to realise that their customers only have one hour in which to do their shopping?

I would have thought it would have been one of the questions retailers would ask before signing the contract to move in – let’s get this sorted, now!

PS: It is reported that Marks and Spencer in Tripoli is still open – what does that say about Grantham?

by Steve Cattell