I can only dream of the developments Grantham needs

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I was pleased to see that planners have blocked the development applications on the land of St Catherine’s House and the former Shirley Croft Hotel site.

I’m personally sick of seeing good land being used for ugly shoe-box housing that doesn’t fit in with the rest of its surroundings.

Harrowby Road already looks really mismatched with the mix of new and old housing, and let’s not forget there’s a school there too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for creating jobs in Grantham, but let’s face it, the properties built will only be snapped up by investors and rented out for stupid amounts of money.

Why do we need more tiny houses that are clearly not suitable for family life? Why not build something useful that can be enjoyed by the community for years to come? At this rate, they’ll be redeveloping the empty High Street shop units to make way for ‘luxury flats’.

A couple of weeks ago I asked you what you’d like to see in Grantham and quite a few people mentioned they’d like to see more facilities for those with Special Educational Needs.

Why can’t developers use this land to provide something that could accommodate the needs of other people, with specialist equipment and so on?

You’d have additional jobs for those who run the facility, and of course the initial labouring jobs to build it.

In the case of St Catherine’s House, the building is there and all it needs is a refurbishment. It’d be a nice place for people to get together and support each other.

I know I’m being rather optimistic here and I know it’s not going to happen because nobody would fund such a project – but it’s nice to dream!

If you had a say, what would you like to see developed on the former Shirley Croft hotel site? What would you like to see St Catherine’s House used for? Don’t hold back - let your imagination run wild and let me know!

by Alison Robson