I didn’t go down to join market place celebration

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I DON’T know if I would have gone to ‘celebrate’, if that is the right word, the new Market Place last Saturday but in the end I didn’t as I was not very well.

But I do object to our money being spent on stilt walkers, ice rinks and other entertainments on what has turned into the most expensive folly by SKDC and LCC in living memory and maybe beyond.

Surely a bigger better market than before would have been a better tribute and the only celebration needed, but we know that hasn’t happened.

I note there has been no cost for all this given but there was a strange comment from Cllr Hill to say that the Market Place project had come in £400,000 under budget so the money could be used on Wide Westgate.

Did I read that right? £400,000 under budget? How did that happen when it was running behind time? Facts and figures please.

Coun Hill also assured us of his commitment to our by-pass.

I will only say, Coun Hill, that actions speak louder than words and at the moment your words mean nothing.

If we had been given the by-pass before Lincoln’s second I may have been more reassured.

And wasn’t that a cracking objective guest column by May Johnson? Someone with a fresh perspective saying how it really is. I don’t suppose anyone from SKDC and LCC will answer each one of her well made points.

I will however commend SKDC for some rapid action on the lack of a dropped kerb at the rear gate to Welham Street car park.

I contacted the Highways Department who told me it was a private road leading to the Health Centre and it was SKDC’s responsibility.

Within a day of contacting them, operations team leader Mike Smith had come back to me and said the weather permitting, installation would take place this week.

So well done.

by Steve Cattell