I’ll help cajole Grantham landowners into diamond idea

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Next summer, the British people will celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen will have been on the throne for 60 years, longer than any monarch other than Queen Victoria.

She has set an extraordinary example of uncomplaining public service, and this is a milestone that the British people will want to mark in all sorts of ways.

There will be church services and street parties and marching bands. The Archbishop of Canterbury will deliver a long and incomprehensible sermon. The Duchess of Cambridge will look fabulous in a new high street dress. And Fergie’s invitation will get lost in the post.

In Parliament, MPs and peers are paying for a stained glass window to be installed in Westminster Hall, the 900 year old building which was built by Her Majesty’s early forbear William Rufus and hosted the trial and sentencing to death of her other ancestor, Charles I.

But it is Grantham’s own Woodland Trust that has had the best idea: the planting of 6 million trees including 60 Diamond Woods. The Woodland Trust is hopeful that at least one of these 60 acre woods will be planted in Grantham itself, and I am doing my bit to cajole those who might provide the land.

In the meantime, the Dysart Park Action Group has led the way and announced that they will be planting over 100 trees, supplied for free by the Woodland Trust.

Wouldn’t it be great if every school and every community group also applied for a free Jubilee pack of trees so that our children and grandchildren can benefit from of Grantham’s celebration of Her Majesty?

The Queen symbolises everything in our country that is indomitable, long-lasting and utterly, magnificently British.

What better way of commemorating her service than planting trees that are as indomitable, as long-lasting and as British as she is?

Vivat Regina. And bravo the Woodland Trust.”

By Nick Boles, MP