I refuse to blame folk for being negative about Grantham

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Since I became the chairman of the Grantham Labour Party in 2009 I have worked hard to put across what I believe is important for the town and the district.

There are times when I have to talk negatively about what has happened, because I see the harm that has been done. However I do have a positive view of the town and what it can achieve with the right leadership and the right ideas.

In response to Brian Bruce’s letter from last week, there are a lot of ideas that I can, and previously have, put forward, however it is hard to outline in great detail what these ideas are when you only have about 300 words to do it.

The Labour Group on the council also have been putting through great ideas to council meetings and campaigning on important issues, all of which would lead to positive changes to the town and its administration.

However, I refuse to blame the people of Grantham for being negative about their town.

Throughout my life, I have come across people who react negatively to change, they get hot under the collar when they think something has gone wrong, and are not afraid to speak up about it.

When I meet these people, I don’t point out how ‘stupid’ they are for reacting that way.

I don’t accuse them of ‘talking the town down’.

Instead, I show them what can be achieved when the changes are made. I show them how things will be better, and how their lives will be improved. To expand on what I said in my last column, I show them the results.

To that end, for Mr Bruce and others who want to know what specific ideas I have, then you can contact me and I will outline them for you.

I can be contacted at davidburling@granthamlabour.org.uk.

The Labour Group on the council can be contacted through their leader, Cllr Ian Selby who will be able to outline what actions they are taking on the council. Cllr Selby’s contact details are on the SKDC website.

by David Burling