I wish people would just stop monaing

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I’d like to add my support to the words of our MP in encouraging people to resist the doom and gloom that recent events, and the season, are imposing on us (Don’t get sucked in to subscribing to the doom and gloom, 2/11/11).

I wrote a similar letter to the Journal a couple of years ago only to receive a torrent of abuse a week later asking how on earth we could possibly be happy and smiling in a deteriorating town and economic situation.

As a nation we are very pessimistic about everything. - a recent study has shown that the British are the least optimistic of all developed nations.

I understand how difficult it may be with high unemployment, rising prices, squeezed national and household budgets and out-of-touch politicians, but surely one of the best ways of surviving is to maintain a sense of optimism in the face of adversity.

Our misery will not be what keeps us going. Our country has faced far worse. Many other nations can maintain a sense of positivity in far, far worse circumstances - and I mean countries that also have high unemployment, high inflation and crooked politicians.

We really should take a leaf out of their books. Britain is a garden party in comparison to many countries. As a country, we are not alone in suffering the ills of the 21st century, and our personal, psychological approach will play as much a part in solving the crisis as any politician or economist will.

As much as it may be part of our national psyche, Britain will never be ‘Great’ if we do not change our attitude, stop complaining and stop finding fault.


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