Improved Priory is good for the town

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I SEE weddings are to return to The Priory.

I was there eight years ago when my daughter got married and the lift was out of order and because it was a listed building, it was said that the lift couldn’t be repaired.

The wedding suite was upstairs so my daughter had to be married in the Registrar’s Office downstairs as I obviously couldn’t manage the stairs, although another man at another wedding on the day couldn’t either so he had to miss it and just wait outside.

The venue was OK but with everyone crammed into an office where the desks hadn’t been cleared was not the ideal situation.

At least the weather was nice and we could manage photographs in the beautiful garden.

I have just returned today from my son’s wedding at Totemic House which is not as scenic as The Priory but it is wheelchair accessible and there is a small courtyard for photographs and it was all very nice.

A lot better than I thought it would be, I will admit.

Speaking to the Registrar I understand that there is now a working lift in The Priory so that is another venue licenced for civil ceremonies added to the list of those already in Grantham,


Finally well done to Raymond Tilley for his 81 donations of blood.

What a great achievement.

As someone who is only alive because of blood transfusions I really appreciate those who give blood. Thank you.

By Steve Cattell