Leader should have read report FIRST!

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SO SKDC Leader Linda Neal did not read the Mary Portas report – I’m gobsmacked!

The report was published on 13th December. It was headline news nationally, covered in depth in the Journal.

Yet here is the woman tasked with running the council – responsible for ensuring that Grantham does not go down the tube – saying she hasn’t read the report.

Surely the LEADER should have seen the report? Did anyone else at SKDC bother to read it?

Were they all too busy to read reports directly related to Grantham’s very survival?

Quote: ‘the council is working hard to help the town centre’, she says, working so hard that nobody there knows the one report in recent years providing recommendations on saving the High Street has even been completed!

Maybe Cllr Neal doesn’t read my column – and nor does anyone else in SKDC it seems given they never respond to my questions.

To compound her ignorance on the Portas report issue, she picks up on the free parking argument, saying it blocks up parking spaces all day.

You have noticed this in Bourne then have you, Cllr Neal? I guess it’s causing huge problems there, is it? When are you going to scrap it, then?

The town where you live and represent and the only one of the three major towns in SKDC where there is free parking, again a topic mentioned regularly in this column and the letters pages in the Journal – which are also apparently not read by her or any of the management at SKDC.

If free parking is good enough in Bourne, it’s good enough here.

As you read this, I will be on a cruise ship sailing towards the sun, so I will see you in 6 weeks or so and if anyone sees this and knows Cllr Neal, point it out to her please.

by Steve Catell