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I AM writing this listening to the news in the aftermath of the looting and criminality of the “riots” in London and other cities, with over 1,000 criminals identified by CCTV and taken to court.

I am thankful for two reasons that it didn’t kick off in Grantham.

The first reason is pretty obvious but the second reason harks back to my very first column here about the quality of the CCTV in Grantham where it is difficult to identify the species never mind the identity of an individual. Although we haven’t had this sort of trouble here, we do get horrible reports of people being attacked on our streets, last week for a packet of cigarettes.

So I will ask the authorities again as I received no reply the first time - are our CCTV cameras fit for purpose and if not, why not? What are you going to do about it?

Money could be taken from the Mayor’s budget. We don’t need one and there’s £60,000. Do we need three strategic directors? I think not. Reducing it to two, which is still excessive, would generate over £100,000.


Reading the terrible catalogue of failures concerning that young lad at Grantham Hospital, one can see that although improvements are happening, the increase in A&E nurses trained to treat children doesn’t come in until the autumn, changes to the reception area in September (the incidents happened in April remember) and there’s no mention of the receptionists who refused the lad admission to A&E twice and sent him elsewhere.

There’s also no mention of why we have a deputy director of patient services as well as a director. Looking it up I find there are actually four deputy directors of patient services within the trust earning who knows what and they need something like a little boy nearly dying to find out what is wrong. Surely if they did their jobs properly it should never have happened in the first place.

by Steve Cattell

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