Now bring market back to its best!

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last week Tory Cllr Richard Davies claimed the Market Place fiasco had been ‘met with widespread approval’.

On page 6 we have letters from the man on the street remarking how terrible and pathetic Grantham’s market now is, the stupid work of art, and the irresponsible parking by blue badge holders.

And these are all improvements, Cllr Davies? We can all see through your spin. Your ‘lobbying’ for a bypass is commendable. But lobby harder.

I’m glad someone picked up on the lack of information about the £4,500 SKDC training course – can we have a full breakdown of costs, immediately please?

Grantham Magistrates, by not naming the 15-year-old toerag who is causing grief, sadness and fear in Grantham, have lost their sense of justice and fair play.

Maybe the law needs changing – so lets get it changed. Come on our TWO MPs, this is important. The civil rights of the majority must surely take precedence over the rights, if they indeed deserve any, of the few feral idiots being protected by the courts.

Interesting that 10 years ago Quentin Davies was raising Grantham Hospital in the House of Commons to get services restored and indeed improved.

Worrying then that since my column about the dangerous shortcomings of East Midlands Ambulance Service, they have been labelled the WORST in the country. We need an explanation in this paper, EMAS!

I support the Journal’s Save a Life campaign - let’s get organ donors signed up. I have been a donor for many years and it is on my diabetic medic alert bracelet and my family all know. An accident can happen in seconds, I know, five seconds changed my life and nearly killed me 15 years ago so please sign up. A friend has just had a life-saving kidney transplant, so the need for donors has touched our lives deeply.

by Steve Cattell