Ours is not to ask the reason why . . . or is it?

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THE word why is to feature highly this week.

Why have we not heard from district and county councillors about why Grantham missed out yet again on the bypass?

I have been asked three times this week why none of these people reply to any questions I ask. Maybe they don’t read the Journal (one said maybe they don’t read!) so if you know one, point out the questions to them and ask them for a reply (if they have one).

Why did the RSPCA Inspector not explain why they didn’t go behind the house and into the locked shed where the dogs were being starved to death? And why were the couple responsible only banned from keeping animals for a minimum of five years?

Why does it take only one complaint to stop the RBL at Barrowby from having live music? Who is this person to have such great influence when everyone else in the village is coming out in support?

Why did we hear no more about the grandfather beaten up in the road rage incident when the Police had the registration number of the driver?

Why were there two stories last week about the Grantham magistrates, both of which showed them in a terrible light? (three if you include the woefully inadequate sentences on the dog killers). Can we have a reply to them from someone? Is the training inadequate or are they being wrongly advised?

Why are there always long queues of traffic back up Barrowby Hill on a Sunday? Surely it shows that something is wrong with the junctions and traffic light sequences so why is nothing ever done about it? Can’t they see it on the CCTV cameras? Don’t any members of the Highways Department or local councillors drive through Grantham on a Sunday?

And why is it that we are charged £40,000 every time the speed camera at Gonerby is destroyed yet the cost is only £20,000? Source: http://www.speedcamerasuk.com/gatso.htm

by Steve Cattell