Overpaid, overstaffed and in charge of town

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WHEN I started my column, the editor told me to keep it local and if I couldn’t think of a topic then just read the Journal and I will find something. So where do I start with this week’s stories?

The police taking nearly three hours to respond to the violent road rage incident on the front page.

Or the hospital trust going into debt by £14 million and the vastly overpaid and overstaffed management team blaming everyone and everything but themselves.

Or the market in the new ‘improved’ Market Place that is worse than ever, showing that the town management team (see above - just as overpaid and overstaffed) can quickly ruin a market that has been in existence and working well for over 800 years.

Or again in the Market Place, the charity shop being marooned by the muppets carrying out this expensive and unnecessary work who obviously can’t think for themselves, and the LCC project management (I can’t comment on their salary or staffing but I think their competence can be questioned) just saying “we are taking up this issue”. Hint for you - access to each shop should have been included at the planning stage of a project like this!

Another sad one from this week was the starving dogs and that the RSPCA just didn’t check properly. We need a statement from them as soon as possible and a complete review of their procedures and training.

But on the positive side - the heartening news of blind Alan Wilson walking Hadrian’s Wall and raising £600 for charity. Well done, Sir.

And I will cover next week what I was planning for this week, unless we get similar cases of sheer incompetence yet again.

I’m not holding my breath.

by Steve Cattell