Parents shouldn’t pay for nativity plays

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AT this time of year when money is tight, especially for those with young children at primary school and even more so if the parent or parents are on benefits, seeing the children act in the nativity play is a memorable occasion.

So what are some local primary schools doing?

They are charging the parents to go and see their children perform.

Now that is something I find totally disgusting and money grabbing, especially as the parents usually have to make the costumes and the children are taken out of lessons to learn their parts and songs and rehearse.

I have been told it is because they are now buying the plays in and have to pay copyright!

I’m sorry - the story of the nativity with a few songs brought in?

What is wrong with the schools doing it as they have for a hundred, if not more, years?

What is your view on this?

l I SEE a report this week on the crisis in the town centres with shops closing, as I mentioned last week.

One of the factors recommended to generate trade and growth was free parking.

I will add free parking during shopping hours, not as SKDC seem to think will encourage trade, free parking when the shops are closed or in Bourne.

Do you think if the next leader of the council lives in Grantham we may get free parking?

l United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust is planning to charge staff to park at the hospitals to save money.

This is the trust, remember, that uses money allocated to pay for patient care to keep us in the dark why staff leave and also pays the man who came up with this idea, Mike Speakman, over £80,000 a year plus who knows what in pension contributions as well as all his cronies.

Reduce the number of directors and senior managers by 20 per cent and reduce their salaries and perks by the same percentage and that will save money rather than charge poorly paid nurses to park at their place of work.

By Steve Cattell