‘Please get on with civil enforcement scheme’

Fun Day at Dysart Park.
Fun Day at Dysart Park.
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DO we have a problem with parking in Grantham?

Central government has instructed all councils to take on the responsibility for parking.

Towns and cities all over the country have already successfully done this. Why not in Lincolnshire?

For years, Lincolnshire County Council has had meeting after meeting, given several dates when civil parking will be implemented. But time after time it has been put back for various reasons. Why?

I understand that a cost would be incurred in setting this up but most would be recouped rapidly. Walk around the town centre on any day and count the illegally parked cars and work out just how much revenue is lost. Due to the shilly-shallying of LCC, many residents are still waiting for residents’ only parking schemes, another source of revenue, promised for years, and residents have not been consulted or even kept informed about the lack of progress.

Last week, I collected grandchildren from National Junior School and was disgusted to find that parents were parking around the corner and on zig-zag yellow lines and anywhere they chose.

Why? Because they can. There’s no-one to tell them otherwise.

Now, we have another press release from LCC for another talking shop . . . sorry, consultation.

Don’t keep spending our money on consultation. Pick the brains of councils around the country who have schemes running successfully. They have already paid the consultants. Stop prevaricating and give us streets that are safe to cross, roads we can drive down and corners we can turn.

Enough is enough. What’s the date you will implement civil enforcement and when will they be on the streets?

LCC, please get on with it.