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Fly-tipping is a problem everywhere and it makes me sad to see that people are ruining pretty areas by leaving junk they can’t be bothered to take to the tip.

I often walk my dog at Londonthorpe Wood and it can be a really ugly sight down near the car park.

There’s also a lot of dog mess all over the place and I know it’s not just this place that it’s a problem – lots of parks are subject to it, too.

It’s ugly and it’s unhygienic - especially in the parks where there are children around.

And it’s not just nature areas that are subject to this sort of abuse – people leave junk in the streets as well.

When walking down Bridge Street a few weeks ago, I saw an abandoned mattress lying in the middle of the road.

Don’t people realise that leaving junk lying around in the roads doesn’t just make the area look bad but it’s also a hazard to drivers?

The real victims in all of this, though, as Margarita Rattray said in last week’s Journal report about the state of Grantham canal, is the wildlife.

It is their habitat that’s being ruined. And I’m sure before too long we’ll be seeing a drop in local wildlife because of the rubbish.

Some of the rubbish is directly hazardous to humans too, such as the needles and plastics, which I find appalling.

Is there seriously any need for this laziness?

There are plenty of ‘man with a van’ enterprises around the Grantham area and I don’t see how hard it could be to drop someone a line and ask them to remove unwanted stuff, rather than dump it into the canal or leave it lying around in the street.

It shouldn’t be the district council’s job to clear it up – I’d rather they spent the money they were using for specialist contractors on something that will be beneficial to all of the community.