ROBSON’S CHOICE: Do our youngsters have enough to do?

Alison Robson.
Alison Robson.
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Journal columnist alison robson writes:

Last week, Mike Sewell wrote to the Journal about children playing in the Welham Street car park and I completely agree with his concerns.

People should be allowed to leave their cars parked in a car park without worrying that they’re going to be damaged by kids or adults for that matter.

Although the attendants should really be keeping an eye on the CCTV cameras, I do think that parents have a responsibility to check where their children are at all times and make sure that they’re not up to any mischief.

As the summer holidays approach I expect we’ll be seeing more instances of children playing in the car parks and I’d urge attendants to be vigilant to ensure they’re not putting themselves or others at risk.

In my opinion, parents have a duty to make sure their children have something safe to do when they’re not at school – and this isn’t playing in a car park, where they can damage cars or get hurt.

Who lets their children play near busy town centre roads, anyway? It’s irresponsible.

However, it does prompt another key question: is there just simply not enough for young people to do in Grantham? Does the lack of activities available to young people encourage antisocial behaviour? Looking at the town centre, there is not a lot to do.

The Guildhall Arts Centre offers some great workshops for children, but like other activities they cost money and it’s something that a lot of parents don’t have because of the current economic climate.

Children have to resort to entertaining themselves – and this is where things can go wrong.

Do you think the lack of activities for young people promotes antisocial behaviour? Would you like to see more free activities for children during the summer holidays?