ROBSON’S CHOICE: It seems A&E scandal was just the start

Alison Robson.
Alison Robson.
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COLUMNIST Alison Robson writes:

So, we’ve lost the Sycamore Assessment Unit - and rather suddenly too.

The staff at Grantham Hospital aren’t allowed to treat stroke patients immediately, only assist in rehabilitation.

And one woman, as reported last week in the Journal, was told Grantham is a minor injuries unit now. Is anyone else wondering what will be next? It seems like the A&E scandal was just the beginning...

Why does the Mid Kesteven Programme Board think it’s acceptable to make patients from Grantham travel to Boston or Lincoln?

As I’ve said previously, I’m really concerned about the effect it could have on people’s health.

Both locations are at best 45 minutes away and if you’re in a critical condition, every minute is crucial.

If you’re not, how much is it going to cost you to get there for your appointments? Are they subsidising the travel? If not, why not? They’re not exactly giving people a choice.

And why is Boston Pilgrim Hospital being given cash to upgrade its facilities after it failed to show it meets the basic standards of care required for patients last summer, resulting in the withdrawal of its student nurses?

Even if it has showed signs of improvement, it surely has a way to go yet to prove it is competent.

According to the Mid Kesteven Programme Board, a public consultation on our health services is due soon. I’d like to see it increase its communications with the public so we can stay ‘in the loop’.

It has a Facebook page but it’s not regularly updated, so who knows what’s going on. If we had regular open and honest communications I’d say the majority of us might trust them a little bit more with the future of our services, instead of panicking about every little thing that’s happened so far.