Should our money pay for propaganda?

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I, like many of you, have received my copy of SKToday, so let’s have a look at this publication that we are paying for.

I am all in favour of it being used to pass on information to the taxpayers, so the article and calendar on the decision to have the green bin collection during the winter and put the staff freed up on street cleaning is excellent. Good decision, and that is precisely what this magazine is for.

Then we get the article on the drop in car park charges. All well and good informing the driving public about the costs but in the comment from the Council Leader, there is no mention of the fact that Bourne (where she lives and represents) has no parking charges and no explanation as to why.

Also a weird postscript to the article that Wharf Road costs the same to park for more than 3 hours remains the same. Why?

And then page 7 gives us a large article which can only be described as spin that “local residents have given a resounding thumbs up to the new market place”. Really? Not what we have seen in the letters page of the Journal or the comments made.

No mention about the lack of market stalls and that most of the market now seems to be outside the Market Place: bad organisation, marooned shops, stone dust blowing everywhere.

No mention of the red tape and the extra hundreds of pounds needed by shop owners to achieve the “cafe culture” they keep trumpeting about and no mention of the street lights being put in AFTER the slabs have been laid.

And Cllr Cartwright trotting out the “it gives us a focal point etc” yet again. Give us a break.

Is it right that our money should pay for propaganda for SKDC when it should be used solely for passing on information to us about changes and improvements in services and what’s on?

by Steve Cattell