SKDC: well done you! LCC: driving me mad!

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A couple of months ago it was reported that councils were buying iPads, video games, luxury hotel stays and many other items on tax-payer funded credit cards.

I checked SKDC’s reported spending of over £500 online and queried a few items, but they have come back with valid explanations for all the expenditure which was paid off immediately, so no interest was added so well done SKDC. Did I just write that?


I wonder if Lord Oakeshott has ever been to Grantham? He claims that supermarkets should be built within walking distance of High Streets to save the shops in the town centre, yet Asda and Sainsbury’s are within 400 yards of the town centre and Morrisons is in it.

I agree that the wide range of products can cause the closure of the small shop, but that has been so for the last 40 years, since the first supermarkets appeared in this country.

It has to be more than that in the case of Grantham. I wonder if it could be something to do with town centre landlords putting up the rents of the premises they own way in excess of inflation?


That was great news that £3m was being spent to repair Lincolnshire’s pot holed roads, but can anyone from the Highways explain the cost and benefits of all this top dressing?

You know, spraying the road with bitumen and then covering it all with gravel, they are doing all round Grantham.

Toll Bar Road and Londonthorpe Lane to name but two have been covered with this gravel, but does it actually do any good in the long term?

Potholes damage a car’s tyres, wheel rims, shock absorbers and suspension and can cause accidents involving bikes, pedal and motor, as well.

Top dressing causes damage to the paintwork with tar and stone chips, but the effects only last a couple of months and the underlying problems of potholes and crumbling edges still remain, and the road markings have to be repainted so why do it at all?

Reply please Mr Highways.

by Steve Cattell