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The term ‘use it or lose it’ has been repeated so many times recently, but it seems that for some businesses it comes too late.

It was recently reported that 14 high street chains closed every day in city centres last year – and we know only too well what that feels like.

In just over a year we’ve lost many shops and we’ve seen a huge increase in empty retail units, all over town.

It’s a really sad sight to see, but the people of Grantham MUST support their favourite shops if they’re to continue trading.

It seems like common sense, but too many of us are opting for the easy option of online shopping, forgetting that there are retailers in our town struggling to survive.

Sometimes we forget what we have on our own doorstep - we should be supporting independent traders too, not forcing them out.

The same goes for our local pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways.

I’m really pleased that the Grantham Journal has been helping to boost trade for businesses in recent months, as I fully believe it opens people’s eyes to the problems these businesses are facing.

We often don’t want to try new things for fear of wasting what little money we do have, but I think that by tempting people to try their products for free or at a reduced price it does encourage people to support them.

Many people might not think much of it, but you alone could make all the difference.

I’d like people to write in about their favourite businesses: tell us why you like them so much and what difference they make to Grantham’s town centre, and the surrounding areas.

What would it mean to you if they closed? Maybe you’ve got a favourite takeaway that you’ve been using for years, or maybe it’s a newer business that hasn’t been around for long.

Either way, let me know - what businesses make our town great?

by Alison Robson