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DOES anybody actually care about the future of Grantham, and the times ahead for the younger generations of this town?

Well YES, actually. The Journal cares deeply about all aspects of life in Grantham, and we’re issuing a call to arms to YOU to show that you care too.

We have assembled a panel of leading lights: the great and the good from the worlds of business, national politics and local Government to line up in front of you in a face-to-face discussion.

Already there are nay-sayers declaring the event a ‘waste of time’. Armchair doom-mongers seem to want this forum for positivity to fail before the first question has even been asked.

But of course, those people are unlikely to be at the forefront of pushing Grantham through this recession and into a prosperous future.

So don’t think: ‘oh, someone else will go along and hold these people to account’. They won’t. It is up to you to spare a couple of hours of your Friday night to be there tonight – Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, 6.30pm.

By showing those in power that you really do care, we’re halfway to carving out a brighter future for all of us.