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TWO stories in this week’s Journal highlight the widely contrasting attitudes of the people who live in our town.

People who live in Grantham’s Harrowby Ward are scared to leave their homes because of the outrageous behaviour of a minority of individuals who don’t care about anybody except themselves.

Using lighter fluid to set fire to one of Grantham’s streets might have seemed hilarious to the people who did it, but for the people who live nearby it’s just another reason they’re scared to walk the streets.

It all indicates a lack of respect for the people who live in Grantham and a lack of pride in the town.

Contrast this with the story of Vic Heppenstall, who swelled with pride this week as he told of his role in repairing the roof of the Guildhall in 1972.

Vic was asked to build a new ‘cap’ for the clock tower after the old one blew down in a gale.

He was so proud to have been asked to do the work on the behalf of the town that he loves that he wrote his name on the timber work, securing his place in Grantham’s history.

Grantham needs more people like Vic, and fewer people like the trouble-makers who rampage nightly in Harrowby ward.

Hating the town you grew up in doesn’t make you clever - in fact, it just marks you out as a walking cliche.