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IN case any of you missed it, this week was given the moniker ‘Enterprise Week’ by South Kesteven District Council.

The Journal has promoted this event heavily in the last few weeks, and that’s because we believe in all that it stands for.

The week is essentially a chance to put the spotlight on Grantham and the surrounding district, with a view to getting as many businesses and community members on board to get the message out to the wider world.

Government statistics put South Kesteven FOURTH in the East Midlands for education results. Young people growing up in Grantham are officially amongst the brightest prospects in the country – what we now need is a natural progression into jobs and training for top companies right here in Grantham, and that’s where ‘Enterprise’ comes in, but not just for the week.

All the great things that have gone on this week, from networking events to marketing tutorials are merely a springboard - a kick-start for the town’s commercial interests and future prospects.

We all have a part to play in attracting people and businesses to this town. There can be few places so well connected, so well educated, surrounded by such splendour – so let’s tell the world that Grantham Is Great.