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A CANNABIS addicted yob just 15-years-of-age was put behind bars this week for six months - with magistrates confirming they wanted to send him down for a whole year. Yet our THIRD application to name him was booted out of court with US being accused of ‘misconception’.

The crimes this out-of-control teen has committed is eye-watering. His parents - who turned down the Journal’s offer to tell their side of the story - cannot control their boy, that much is clear. Nor can the authorities.

We know this is the case because a number of Journal readers have called us to tell us when he is up to no good. Those very same people, whose lives are being made a misery by this boy, have pleaded with the Journal to splash his photo all over the front page.

They want other parents to know who he is so they can stop their children being infected by his yobbishness. They want vulnerable people to know who he is, so they can stay out of his way, but more importantly, the people of Grantham want to know who he is so they can protect their neighbourhoods and their property.

The whole point in naming is not to shame but to make him accountable for his actions. If he’s old enough to terrorise us all, surely we deserve to know who he is?