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YOU can’t miss the spire of St Wulfram’s Church.

The massive landmark is Grantham’s most precious treasure - a masterpiece of architecture that has stood for centuries.

Building work began on the spire in 1280, and since its completion it has been instantly recognisable as a symbol of Grantham.

But a building of that age and size is eventually going to need repair work - and that time has come.

The spire last underwent significant repairs in 1945/6, when the top section was completely rebuilt. It had become so unstable that the bells could not be rung and low flying aircraft were banned from the area.

Fortunately the structural problems developing in the church have been spotted early this time, and there’s no danger of the spire collapsing.

That doesn’t change the fact that the repairs are going to cost money - possibly quite a lot of it. And that’s why the Journal will be throwing its weight behind the fund-raising effort that will undoubtedly be needed to see that the church survives for centuries to come.

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the spectacular craftsmanship and historic significance of this wonderul building.