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GRANTHAM Tennis Club has this week revealed its plans to build a brand new state-of-the-art facility that will be open and used by the whole town.

The Arnoldfield development will cost in the region of £3.5m and offer Granthamians the chance to pick up a racket in all weathers – thanks to its indoor capacity.

But when the Journal announced the exciting plans online earlier this week, the first thing some people leapt to do was criticise the ambitious plan – declaring that ‘the money would have been better off spent on other things’ and that ‘people will get bored of it and it will close, like the cricket centre’.

Well the Grantham Journal disagrees with these endemic naysayers. We say well done to Grantham Tennis Club for having the get-up-and-go to provide something of the highest quality to the people of Grantham.

We also believe that local people should get up to Arnoldfield and support the venture, in order to make it a rip-roaring success, and potentially inspire other people to emulate its success with a venture of their own.

And Granthamians, next time you hear someone pulling down our town – put them right!