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AND so Grantham is promised £30m – of our own money, incidentally – to get the long-awaited east-west bypass off and running, to the south of the town.

The move is seen by many as the key to the kingdom of prosperity, as far as Grantham is concerned: new homes, new shops, more jobs, better amenities more choice, and so ad infinitum. It genuinely is something for Granthamians to get excited about.

Or at least it would be had the very same project not been promised more times than the Journal cares to remember. Once bitten, twice shy.

Even the MP for Grantham, Nick Boles is reluctant to throw his weight behind a gleeful hurrah in fear of getting egg on his face five years down the line – as Lincolnshire County Council’s ‘County News’ memo did back in 2007.

Cynics will no doubt rush to pan the promise as yet more pie in the sky, but the Journal is urging members of the public to shout down the nay-sayers, and laud this as the potential dawning of a prosperous new era.

The Grantham Journal’s website carries ALL your letters, and it is a window to our town. Make sure that window tells potential new-comers that Grantham IS great, and it is now on the UP!