The last 12 months have seen some great improvements

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Many people feel that Grantham has been left behind in terms of development and growth over the last few years.

Indeed, it is argued that too often there have been more plans and designs than tangible development.

However, the last twelve months have witnessed genuine progress. We saw the first improvement with the upgrades to the Wharf Road/ London Road junction, and the work has gradually made its way down the High Street, improving St Peter’s Hill through to Vine Street.

The most recent upgrade is now nearing completion, the roadworks in the Market Place and Narrow Westgate are finished and the new paving and layout has been met with widespread approval.

This project touched on many issues close to the hearts of shoppers and traders, such as pedestrian safety and parking. By working together the County and District Councils, contractors and local people delivered something we can all be proud of.

Aesthetic improvement to Grantham, while important, is not the only priority for our town.

Traffic chaos is a phrase that has appeared on the front page of the Journal on far too many occasions - it must therefore be time for Grantham to have its own bypass. The suggested route from the A1 near Gorse Lane, across to Spittalgate Level and then over to the Old Somerby Roundabout is sensible and practicable.

The question remaining is to ask how this project can be financed? Our MP, Nick Boles, has rightly pointed out that development funds from housing and industrial investment are the long term solution.

Nevertheless, we need a bypass in the short term. Along with the other Grantham County Councillors, I am lobbying for Lincolnshire County Council to find a way to get the project off the ground sooner rather than later. Such a development would benefit all the people of Grantham and the surrounding areas.

by Richard Davies