The legacy of the Asda roundabout is chaos

Lorry driver Mike Duffy explains why Asda roundabout id an occupational hazard.
Lorry driver Mike Duffy explains why Asda roundabout id an occupational hazard.
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I FEEL that highways official Phil Oldfield should consider his position after making such a wild statement as “these deflecting bollards were installed over six years ago now and are extremely effective”.

Such a comment clearly illustrates a complete lack of understanding of basic road design, which is to provide a safe route and environment for all road-users.

As a truck driver who lives in Grantham and often travels through the Asda roundabout, I’d like to offer a few observations. The approach along Sankt Augustin Way to the roundabout is the key to the problem. Coming up on the single carriageway section of road, a lazy S-shape, concave then convex is formed. This puts any large vehicle at an angle to the left as it approaches the roundabout on the inside lane.

Barely 8ft across, the inside lane is not wide enough to accommodate the large vehicles. This, added to the tight radius of the kerb turning into Barrowby Road, forces the vehicle on to the metal bollards and railings.

So, let’s look at the legacy of this “extremely effective” piece of road design. Destructive and serious damage done to a growing number of vehicles over many years; the replacement of railings (constantly), which must be met by taxpayers’ money; ruptured fuel tanks, spilling diesel into watercourses and rivers; gridlock and traffic chaos throughout the town after each incident, not to mention the cost and resources used by the emergency services who are called out each time to help recover the situation.

Mike Duffy