The top brass must now take a pay cut

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A few years ago I proved SKDC could function with no CEO and only 2 Strategic Directors when the then CEO on only £100,000 a year went off on a cycling holiday around Europe for five months.

I suggested that if SKDC was still functioning when he got back, a CEO was superfluous.

The CEO receives, I won’t use the term earns, over £2,000 a week, compare it with your income, and presides over three Strategic Directors who each receives over £1,500 a week, who in turn preside over six Heads of Service, each of whom receives over £1,100 a week – plus all the pension perks.

So what on earth do all these people do? The whole market place fiasco plus all the hundreds and thousands of pounds wasted on the Butcher’s Row pedestrianisation and the Vine Street junction change can be equated to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, and still they oversee the decline of Grantham which is so evident by the front page of the Journal.

Now I am not advocating we get rid of any of them because if the saga of the last CEO going is anything to go by, I would guess they would get a year’s salary or more and it all hushed up if they went, but what I would like them to do is take a reduction in salary of say 20 per cent immediately, and a continued reduction of five per cent for every year that this group does nothing to prevent the decline of Grantham.

Combined with the Councillors who get nearly £4,500 a year each for performing ‘a service to the community’, plus the cabinet right up to the leader who gets an extra £14,000 for being the leader plus a £4,000 travelling allowance, we are paying out a fortune for incompetence of the highest order.

And apparently we are the ones to blame, according to them. We are knocking the management of Grantham, not the town or the people therein.