They’ve re-arranged deckchairs on Titanic

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I am currently waiting for a Freedom of Information request to Lincolnshire County Council to find out how the Market Place project came in £400,000 under budget – according to Cllr Martin Hill, LCC Leader – who seems to be yet to tell the other major stakeholder - SKDC - the final costings, despite announcing it to the press.

When I moved to Grantham 25 years ago, my house in Manchester Way was just a hole in the ground and the Barrowby Gate development didn’t really exist.

Since then we have seen hundreds of houses built off Springfield Road, Gonerby Hill Foot, and many other places, and we are waiting for approval, or not, for another 1,000 houses at Manthorpe. But have we actually seen facilities in Grantham improve to meet the increase in population? I say not.

The hospital is smaller than it was and performs less services, the traffic has become more congested, and although we gained more parking with the multi-storey Welham Street car park, we still don’t have enough car parking when we need it.

I have seen better road surfaces in the bush of Africa than Springfield Road, and have mentioned traffic jams down Barrowby Hill even on a Sunday.

I think SKDC and LCC should concentrate on improving traffic flow, parking and other facilities instead of just beautifying places like the Market Place which, let’s face it was like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

What do you want to see to improve the facilities of Grantham? What do we really need that is in the remit of the district and the county councils?

Finally, it was a shock to hear of the death of Garth Vincent.

My son and his were the best of friends when we lived at Sedgebrook. My sincere condolences to the family.

by Steve Cattell