Warning signs do more harm than good

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Driving down Barrowby Gate this week I was amazed that there weren’t more car crashes.

Every lamppost has a police notice on it warning motorists to lock their car or safeguard their possessions. How is a driver supposed to read the A4 sized signs when driving safely?

This blizzard of meaningless warnings is more harmful than useful.

The Crime Prevention team ought to have a walk around our fair town because in the same area I saw boxes put out with the silver bin and at least one was for a 50 inch LCD TV.

People should either rip such adverts to criminals up or turn it inside out as it shows which houses are good targets for the burglars - it is like having a signpost to ‘nice gear to be nicked in this house’.


I see Grantham Hospital has earned another well done - this time for the quality of the food.

As someone who spent six months over a three year period in various hospitals (not Grantham), I know how the food can vary and how important it is to recovery, so well done again.


I mentioned last week the junctions after Barrowby Road Bridge including the Asda Roundabout. Apart from the fact that the roundabout is too large, why not just have the left lane from the bridge, round the roundabout and to the traffic lights as left turn only with a filter on the lights? The middle lane at the roundabout as being straight on only and the right hand lane right turn only including entry to Asda?

This would speed up traffic and prevent dangerous lane-changes as the cars cross the junction when the lights turn green - when cars in the left lane then want to get in the right hand lane - round Premier Court to go into town as they can at the moment.

by Steve Cattell