We’re on our way to making Grantham a Fairtrade town

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Asking for a fair price for produce is certainly not unreasonable. Fairtrade is about recognising and supporting that principle.

We often forget and take for granted some of the wonderful material wealth we have. In many third world countries people would not know what a washing machine is, how a computer works or even how a toilet flushes.

All they ask is to put food on the table and this is often so difficult for them to achieve. So for third world farmers it is vital that they receive a fair price for the goods they produce.

Just ask our local farmers if they agree with that principle as they often struggle to get a fair price from the major supermarkets who make millions of pounds in profit each year at the expense of the small farmer. Hence why our local farmers appreciate the value of local farmers markets. It is not unreasonable for a third world farmer to ask for the same fairness that our local UK farmers seek.

Local farmers in the UK are not in competition with third world farmers. We do not grow bananas, mangos or coffee beans here in the UK.

Fairtrade is about choices. It’s about choosing and doing the right thing. It’s about choosing to help others to be able to give them the opportunity to help themselves.

Money from Fairtrade products can help pay for schools in developing countries and help young students work to obtain a university degree which then benefits their whole community.

At last week’s full council meeting our district council put party politics to one side for the greater good and passed a motion that is the first step towards Grantham being granted the Fairtrade status.

Please look for the Fairtrade brand on products that you see on a supermarket shelf so you can make a simple gesture to support farmers in third world countries.

Thank you to Grantham’s Fairtrade steering group who are working hard to help make Grantham into a Fairtrade town.

Councillor Ian Selby, Harrowby Ward.