What is there to do in town?

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WITH very little to do around the town, attentions are turned towards neighbouring towns and cities.

Even the areas where we could go and make the best of our spare time without causing disruption and or trouble have become less of an attraction.

Take Wyndham Park for example. For the past two or three months, the goalposts have been uprooted to allow for the grass to regenerate and grow and the ground to recover. This is all well and good but when the areas where people are allowed to enjoy themselves are being disrupted, it means they have to find elsewhere in the town to do it, which leads to them maybe disrupting the peace of some communities.

It doesn’t take a logistical genius to work out the reason younger people are disrupting communities is there simply isn’t enough to do around Grantham.

Even the skatepark, a popular place for teenagers and young adults to go and enjoy themselves, is constantly being closed for repairs which have to be done by the users of the facility as opposed to the council because they have stopped funding for it – ridiculous.

For the younger children there are many playgrounds - Wyndham Park, Dysart Park, and the newly built play park in Gonerby Hill Foot, to name a few.

There is even the adventure playground at Belton House.

Even with these, however, enjoyment is limited by the ridiculously petty health and safety laws due to that one child having an accident whilst playing on something, when really all they were doing was being ‘childish’ - excuse the pun - and using the apparatus inappropriately.

I take the old steam engine for example, which used to be at Wyndham Park before an irresponsible adult pointed the blame at the apparatus being unsafe instead of holding their hands up and admitting to not supervising their child properly.

There is the likes of a cinema and a bowling alley to keep you entertained. However, how many young teenagers can afford to pay £4.50 for just one game of bowling on a regular basis? The answer is pretty much nil.

I know it is getting a bit of a repetitive subject but the town needs more shops which are attractive to the younger generation.

I for one wouldn’t go into town to shop for clothes; instead I would happily pay for a train ticket to Nottingham and go there where there are numerous shops.

That’s the problem with Grantham, there just aren’t enough, if any, particularly good shops around the town to make the journey worthwhile.

For women, there are a few but for the men there just isn’t really anything.

The disappointing thing is the larger shop floors, which are ideal for mainstream shops such as Primark, Topman/Topshop and River Island are being given to shops such as B&M Bargains.

We now have two bargain shops in the town which, with no disrespect to them aren’t really that necessary.