Why are we being kept in the dark?

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I Don’t know about you but the report on the Enterprise Week and what SKDC are doing to generate business doesn’t inspire me with confidence.

When asked what SKDC were doing, the CEO said it is important we get the message out. Does that mean the message isn’t out there yet, then?

Unmatched transport links? Maybe until you get here and then hit gridlock in a town with no bypass.

When asked what the potential locations were for the new business parks, one of the three strategic directors declined to comment.

Do you believe that they have four locations identified? I don’t.

Pointless putting them anywhere in town with the traffic jams so they need to be next to the A1 or the bypass.

There’s no space next to the A1 and no bypass approved so no business park locations. Unless you know otherwise.

A sad nom de plume in the letters “afraid to be named”. Well I’m not afraid to be named. The decision to withdraw the music licence of the RBL Barrowby is totally stupid.

When Royal Mail lost the keys to several post boxes, surely blocking up the post boxes with no notices as to why was the wrong thing to do?

And the comments last week about the Charter Trustees. Invites for a meeting sent out on August 22nd? But surely when a meeting is held, the date and time of the next meeting is included at the end of the minutes and therefore no separate invitation is required.

Yes, once again incompetence rules, ok?

Finally a small plug for the Bowen Therapist, Soothing Hands of Hougham telephone 07919128352, who is holding free children’s clinics (donations

only) from October. Why the plug, you may ask, well it’s my wife.

by Steve Cattell