YOUR money pays for city’s £100m by-pass

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Lincolnshire County Council released a statement this week detailing its ambitions for a £100m by-pass for Lincoln.

The county council is making a contribution of £14m and is acting as ‘guarantor’ to underwrite the £34m third party funded element.

Executive Member for Highways and Transportation, Councillor William Webb said: “A Lincoln Eastern Bypass has been sought after for almost 20 years now. It is the best solution to relieve congestion by improving traffic flow in the city, and it will have a tremendous positive impact on economic prosperity for the county as a whole.”

So Lincoln, already with a perfectly good bypass that caters for traffic from virtually every direction is to get yet another one ahead of Grantham.

Where does Webb live? Nowhere near Grantham, I bet.

I’d really like a response from SKDC on this one, as would numerous people I speak to, as to what exactly they are doing to question decisions like this and get Grantham to the front of the queue for this type of development.

Look at what happens when the A1 is closed - as it was on Wednesday - even worse gridlock and misery for our town.

Amazing isn’t it that Bourne - the home of the Leader of the Council - has a bypass, although that road is nowhere near as busy as the A52. Why is that?

When are our councillors going to do something to justify the money they get ‘for serving the community’? Which community are they serving?

What are your views on this? Am I right? Will any of these councillors, at County and DC level, tell us why yet again Grantham is missing out?

Did the executive members at SKDC know about this? If so, what did they say in the meeting where Lincoln was granted its latest strip of asphalt?

by Steve Cattell